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Meet your Adrad Radiator Expert – Bradley Evans, owner of Richmond Exhaust and Radiator Specialists

We recently caught up with Bradley Evans, owner of Richmond Exhaust and Radiator Specialists, located on Gladstone Road and just 2kms from the Nelson Speedway.

As part of Adrad’s national network of radiator experts, Bradley and his team really know their stuff when it comes to radiators. They’re passionate about cars and motorsports, have a wealth of industry knowledge and can claim three generations of experience in the radiator business.

A true Kiwi family business, Richmond Exhaust and Radiator Specialists was started by Bradley’s parents, Barry and Linda, in 1993 when Bradley commenced work in 1995 and purchased the business two years ago. He brings over two decades of experience and ability to repair, replace or create practically any type of radiator.

Bradley comes from a long line of self-confessed “revheads”, all passionate about building and racing stock cars and off-roaders. For as long as he can remember they’ve been firm fixtures at the Nelson Speedway – in fact his parents met because of speedway (Linda’s Dad was racing stockcars in Rotorua back in the 70’s) and the rest, as they say, is history!

Bradley’s apprentice Reece is highly skilled at fabricating, repairing and servicing radiators, model steam engines and is NZ’s youngest licenced traction engine driver. Linda keeps the office and workshop running smoothly and together the team delivers top workmanship, superior products and quality service. As Bradley says, “If it’s not good enough for my vehicles, it’s not good enough for yours!”

What do you love about working in the radiator industry?

Knowing that we have the skill, the knowledge and the products to solve our customers’ radiator problems.

What makes your radiator shop unique?

I was trained by old school technicians; if it can be repaired then I’m your man! If it can’t be fixed, we’ll source the part or custom-build to suit. As part of ADRAD’s network of radiator experts we can source superior products all backed by nationwide warranty support. And it’s a great place for a smile, a joke and a coffee!

Tell us something about radiators that most people don’t know.

Did you know that some radiator caps purchased over the counter can be up to 1.5mm too short in their reach?

Top Tip?

Do it once and do it right. Cheap imported parts might look attractive but they’ll need replacing before you know it. You only get what you pay for!

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